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You will find additional helpful information here on how wireless keyboards operate and the different types. 

While keyboards are essential input devices for any computer, the fact that most keyboards have been wire connected devices for a long time has meant that users always had to sit right in front of their PC’s regardless of whatever work they did. That has all changed today.
At the beginning of the present decade, wireless technology started making its forays into the input device world and this has given the individual great freedom in choosing the place from and the way in which typing tasks are done. The wireless keyboard has taken flexibility and freedom to a whole new level.

Wireless computer keyboards give you complete freedom to choose how you work on your computer.

Gone are the days when you could feel the familiar tug on the keyboard wire whenever you tried to move a few inches away from your initial position. Today, if you wish to work from your couch or bean bag and place it a few feet away, it is absolutely fine.
In fact, this technology was not that relevant in the late 90’s and early 2000’s since computer screens were still typically small and compact, hardly going beyond 17 or 19 inch CRT displays. However, with the advent of high resolution 30inch+ TFT LCD displays, staying right in front of your pc has become optional.

With these enormous screen sizes, you can comfortably sit a few meters away and do your work without squinting to see what’s on screen. Hence, wireless computer keyboards are more relevant today than ever before and their demand will only increase over time.

It may be interesting to note the technology that works behind a wireless keyboard. Most versions over the last 5 years have worked on infrared technology to establish a wireless connection between the PC and the keyboard.
Since infrared requires a direct line of sight, it was important that your wireless computer keyboard and the infrared receiver connected to the PC shared a direct line of sight.

 While this wasn’t a great problem since most users sit directly opposite to a screen while typing, it did limit the flexibility of usage. In addition, the batteries that the keyboard needed to power it added to its weight and limited the time for which it could be used.



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Newer models were much more frugal with the battery power and had in-built power saver modes which could conserve battery life when the keyboard was not being used.

Most present day wireless computer keyboards use the popular Bluetooth technology to connect to the PC. Bluetooth does not require direct line of sight and has a greater range than infrared as well. Moreover, it is less stressful on the battery life. Hence, Bluetooth based keyboards, have become extremely popular.

The era of HTPC’s is here. This means that screen sizes are going to grow as people fuse their PC’s and Home Theatre systems together for the ultimate audiovisual experience. With large screens and surround sound systems dominating the arena today, it no longer makes sense to have a keyboard connected to your PC with only a few feet of wire. Hence, wireless computer keyboards will definitely be an integral part of computer systems in the foreseeable future.

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